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Thanks to motorisation, blinds have been brought to a new level of functionality, convenience, and sophistication. Today, motorisation is no longer considered a luxury in the market but a standard with which blinds have to be categorised and graded against.

 Mr Venetian blinds have earned a reputable impression in the industry with motorisation playing a significantly major role in it. With blind motorisation technology, Mr Venetian now has the remote controlled motorisation feature with Nice, Scomfy and JAI motors on their full line of blinds.


Understanding the System

 Through a switch or a remote control, motorised blinds give you total control and ultimate convenience. Operating on batteries, remote-controlled blinds are equipped with a receiver that is made of a motorized tubular design at the head rail or at the top panel. Focusing the remote control to the infrared sensor of the receiver will give you control of your blinds.

 Remote control motorisation for your blinds, on the other hand, works by pointing the transmitter part of the remote to the direction of the top of the blinds. With a simple press of the control, you can open and close the slats, roll them up or down, or move them in various angles.

 Looking into the Benefits

 Blind motorisation allows for easy accessibility to high or those difficult-to-reach windows. It offers an easy and simple way of controlling the amount of light, your privacy, and visibility that you want in your home. Motorisation for your blinds eliminates the need for those unattractive cords and unsightly chains.  

 Motorisation for your Mr Venetian blinds can be easily installed and integrated with the automation system of your home or commercial building.  And with motorised blinds easily programmed to automatically react to temperature and sunlight and glare, you get to protect your belongings, your plants, and yourself from the sun. Most importantly, you can have your blinds programmed to open and close at particular times of the day to control heat and conserve energy.